Will Martyr

Will Martyr (b. UK, 1980) is a London based British Artist. He trained at the Slade School of Fine Art, London (1998-2002), The New York Studio Schools, New York (2002-2003), and The Royal College of Art, London (2005-2007). His practice has led him to collaborate with Architects on pan-European projects, together with the Architectural Association, London.  The utopian views constructed in Martyr’s work conjure a timeless sense of elegance and nostalgia, as Martyr marries together found images with remembered places. We find that these familiar settings become soft-focus templates for the mnemonic, at once heightening and embellishing reality. The artist promises us clear skies as flawless as beauty adverts. Martyr’s painting technique is extraordinarily precise. His uncompromising process is hand painted and involves many stages to create flawless canvases.  Martyr’s skilled observation of line and shadow brings depth to the paintings, emphasizing the horizontal with simple symmetrical planes. Inspired by post-war Americana/Pop Art, Modernism, Italian Futurist and Russian 1930's Posters, his paintings are reminiscent of holiday postcards. Titles such as ‘Stay Until Tomorrow’, ‘Where We Belong’ and ‘It’s Only Us’ advertise themes of an almost unattainable vitality and effortless chic.

Will Martyr’s professional practice include collaborations on architectural installations. He works with the International Architects and the ‘Architectural Association’s Inter-professional Studio,’ and holds a teaching post at the Architectural Association. His paintings and prints beautifully express his love of modern architectural design. Perfectly combining clean lines, dramatic yet balanced compositions and a medley of colour, they encapsulate the style and glamour of the buildings that inspired them.

Over the past ten years, his work has been shown and collected internationally, with private and corporate collectors based in the UK, North America, the Middle and Far East, India and throughout Europe.


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