Rizvan Rahman was born in 1970 in the city of Karachi, Pakistan on the fringe of the Arabian Sea..  His father was an accomplished golfer and moved his young family across the globe as he accepted different contracts as a resident club professional. Rahman achieved a BA Honours degree in Fine Art from De Montfort University near to his home town of Leicester. After leaving school, Rahman knew he would not follow his father’s path of fairways and greens but instead he immersed himself in his passion for art. He soon discovered that he had a full appreciation for painting in all its different guises but with a profound veneration for the Old Masters, with a particular interest in the work of Rembrandt, Valasquez, Van Dyke and Rubens. Whilst busy earning a living painting commissions for various clients, Rahman had been able to set aside a small amount of time to pursue his own practice, a body of figurative work of outstanding merit which now deserves rightful attention. It is in these paintings that he has been able to acquit his accomplished aptitude for direct observation and scrutiny of his subject matter.




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One may find the stark veracity of Rahman's nudes disconcerting at first glance, yet they are imbued with a humanity and tenderness that is often rare to find within the genre of portraiture and study of the human form. Working with unsparing honesty and relentless analysis of his subject, Rahman has been able to produce paintings that are both, deeply absorbing and powerful. These astonishing paintings are a remarkable new find and one that will undoubtedly enrich the vast canon of European figurative painting.


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