Obsessed by myriad facets of the human psyche, the multitude of emotional colours that consume us and the intrinsic tragedies that shape us, jasmine explores our interaction with the very existence that cradles us. Every passionate thought and emotion that consumes her falls in form like pictorial, sculptural poetry conveying our world, her world, through her vision. Each piece created in absolute decadence, born of the finest materials. Attention to cognisant aesthetics and a raw honest edge that incites thought is consciously designed to remind us that we each and all are as brilliant, magnificent,tortured, ballsy, unique

and beautiful, as the greatest souls that ever traversed the hallways of history.  Jasmine – a gritty, poetic mind, cited as the Vivienne Westwood of the British jewellery industry; within 2 yrs of launching her eponymous brand, her work is internationally and nationally referred to as starkly individual, astonishing, avante guard, discerning luxury. Both exclusiveand in demand; her first collection was launched alongside iconic Designer Sir Paul Smith and her second collection launched, at the elite ‘Couture’ show, Vegas, then in London as the ‘officially appointed’ Ambassador of British Jewellery (BJW) then a 3rd unveiling in the heart of Paris fashion week, all amidst a haze of excitement and media buzz…A UK Jewellery Awards 2012 Finalist ‘Jewellery Designer of the Year’… Jasmine has gone on to become one of the worlds most renowned leading Jewellery Designers… often referred to as ‘The Poet Goldsmith’, creating collections, bespoke pieces and ‘one of a kind’ works for both private clients and esteemed famous fashion brands, internationally… “A Global Trendsetter…”


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