James Mylne




James Robert Mylne

Born: 12/May/1981, London, England.

Education: BA degree in Drawing and MA degree, Camberwell College of Arts, London.


Artist Summary: James Mylne is a London based artist specializing in photo-realism through the use of ballpoint pen on paper. He is considered a pioneer for the use of ballpoint in photo-realistic artwork. With the use of a biro ballpoint pen James will spend up to 200 hours or more working in intricate detail to create beautiful black and white drawings often combining the careful use of spray paints to add color to backgrounds. Although working mostly from small, old photographs to create his fine drawings, James has collaborated with famous photographers such as Terry O’Neill, Ex Rolling Stones guitarist Bill Wyman, and Roger Eaton.




Vintage Vogue exhibition:

James Mylne's Vintage Vogue is the artist's first solo exhibition of merit, the central theme of the exhibition drew on 'the elegance and style' of celebrated icons of the 1940s, 50s and 60s. In regard to his chosen theme, Mylne complimented the 'genuine serenity in the poise and personality of models and actresses from the mid 20th century', as opposed to what he feels as "forced" contemporary aesthetics aided by computer enhancement.


Reworked collaborative exhibitions:

Chosen as one of six artists to collaborate and rework the photographs of Terry O’Neil, James Mylne opted for a vintage photograph of Sean Connery as his James Bond character. O'Neill later made an appearance on British television with Mylne’s artwork expressing amazement at the four weeks Mylne spent working on his contribution. The second instalment of ‘Reworked’ featured the photography of Rolling Stone’s Bill Wyman. Mylne was among five artists selected to rework Wyman photos including a stunning portraits of Jerry Hall and Brian Jones.



Vermeer replica:

James Mylne participated in a 2010 Bic Challenge campaign sponsored by the pen company, for which he created a replica of Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring using a single black Bic pen as part of the challenge. 



Something More:

A departure from Mylne’s traditional portraits is a new series of original artworks that have been crafted in a unique way, simply referred to as “The Torn Series”. These are a hybrid of photo-realistic ballpoint pen drawings and collaged ripped photographic prints inspired by the way street posters are often torn revealing older posters beneath them. James worked with celebrated photographers’ Roger Eaton (who photographed Princess Diana amongst others) and Nick Delaney to create original photo shoots. The results are both edgy and alluring. 



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