18 MARCH - 3 MAY 


Women Entrepreneurs: Lifestyle Pop-Up Event


We breath art, we are distinctive fashion, we elevate lifestyle, we channel media 


VIP PREVIEW: 17  March, 7 - 10pm


EXHIBITION: 18 March – 03 May    


We teamed up with creative and inspirational women spanning across Art, Fashion, Design, Media and Gastronomy. Please join us and get to know our new base in Kensington. We will be featuring a group exhibition showcased alongside unique jewellery pieces, sustainable fashion and artisanal accessories. Co hosted by Chef and Restaurateur Judy Joo and Jessica Patterson founder of leading luxury PR agency JPR Media. 



Active Wear & Beachwear –

SixtyNinety’s brand name was inspired by the classic myth of 60-90cm as a woman’s ideal body measurements. The founders of SixtyNinety believe that every woman’s body is beautiful and naturally unique so they made it their mission to bypass that limit. They want to create and develop a community of empowered women who wish to pursue a healthy, balanced life. 


Fine Jewellery –

Jasmine Alexander  – a gritty, poetic mind, cited as the Vivienne Westwood of the British jewellery industry; within 2 yrs of launching her eponymous brand, tipped as the next big thing, her work is internationally and nationally referred to as starkly individual, astonishing, avante-guard, discerning luxury. Each piece created in absolute decadence, born of the finest materials.


Silk Scarves & Accessories –

Beatrice Jenkins is a luxury accessories brand specializing in silk scarves. Guided by a lifelong obsession with design and passion for travel, the brand takes inspiration from the natural world and transforms each design into something truly unique. Using the world’s finest materials and heritage techniques; Beatrice Jenkins combines a love of textiles and print with timeless elegance and attention to detail.


Hand-Made Luxury Accessories -

Castellanos Ethnic Origins is a fair trade, sustainable brand that works with indigenous artisans in North Colombia. Castellanos Ethnic Origins strives to deliver hand-made luxury products with a message of social responsibility, whilst empowering indigenous communities and sustaining the finest craftsmanship in Colombia. Each bag tells a story of tradition, culture and heritage.


Lifestyle PR –

JPR Media Make an Impact. Engage. Excite. Optimize your Profile. Heighten your status. Attract the reflection of who you are. Powerful. Seductive. Enticing. Elegant. Real. Sincere. You create your own magic. We deliver outstanding campaigns and thought-provoking marketing strategies. We think globally. Our goal is to drive your business to success through contagious, astounding, resonating PR services. You will be addicted. #PRThatPacksAPunch”


Gastronomy and Lifestyle –

Judy Joo is a restaurateur, and TV Chef traveling between her restaurants Jinjuu in London & Hong Kong. Judy also appears on the Cooking Channel with her show “Korean Food Made Simple” as she explores Korean Authentic dishes inspired by her travels showing just how easy it is to make Korean favourites with a few Korean store cupboard ingredients. Her love of Korean food began as a child at home in the U.S.



Point of Departure



4 February – 17 February 2016


For the past four years, in solitude, bar few close family and friends, the controversial figurative artist, Rizvan Rahman, has built a remarkable new body of work. This week sees the launch of a much-anticipated solo exhibition: a startlingly original representation of human flesh, form, and figure - in all its authentic glory.


“Point of Departure”, is already attracting serious attention from London’s art establishment – those who shunned, those who waited, and those who only now learn of Rizvan Rahman’s talent. In October 2011, Rahman was convicted of dealing forged art works - a folly that sprung from an art-collecting hobby, one that Rahman inadvertently became involved, despite his own ability. Following 5-month detainment, and since, Rahman has dedicated his energies to the return of true expression - one he finds most comfortably in the human figure.


Influenced by pre-eminent Old Masters such as Rembrandt, Velazquez and van Dyke from youth, Rahman reminds us that the Greats have always inspired other Greats. As the artist Walter Sickert said, “To the really creative painter, it must be remembered, the work of other men is mainly nourishment, to assist him in his own creation.” Motivated by what many see as the pinnacle of human artistic achievement, Rahman is inspired to create his own original oeuvre in search for a higher truth.


The exhibition comprises of 22 large-scale female nudes and other portraits, many larger than life  - it is with these paintings that Rahman demonstrates his exceptional aptitude for direct observation and scrutiny of subject matter. Working with unsparing honesty and relentless analysis, Rahman produces artworks, which remind us of what it is to be human. Discovered and supported by a patron, these striking pictures are a remarkably original find, one that will undoubtedly enrich the vast canon of European figurative painting to date.


Speaking about the exhibit, Rahman says: “This body of work has arrived through my obsession with painting. After prison, my motivation to paint was to find authentic expression.  I never wished to put my family through pain and returning to my family, every minute at the studio was to find again what was real – thousands of hours of determination and vigour in creation. Four years worth of work is exhibited for the first time. I believe in its truth, and I must now let the work stand up and speak for itself."






18th DECEMBER 2015 – 17th JANUARY 2016




As the hotly-anticipated latest addition in the Star Wars franchise opens in cinemas across UK, London based art curators Ben Moore and Sara Wade unveil a retrospective exhibition ‘Art Wars’ in the heart of Mayfair.


Opening on 17th December, at 18 Hertford Street, Mayfair, ‘Art Wars Mayfair’ will give visitors insight into nearly ten years of art in an ongoing collaboration with some of the best minds in the art world as they fuse Star Wars culture with their own artistic twist and trade mark style.


Artists include Mr.Brainwash, James Mylne, Hayden Kays, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Alison Jackson and Joe Rush.

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