Charlotte Hopkins Hall is concerned with the psychological-self and the impact that a realistic painting can have on the viewer. Her figure-based paintings are moments, instances of life that are captured, taken out of context and placed onto a white background. They become a patchwork of faces and reveal a new aspect to the image, a little disturbing perhaps. Trying to create a rapport between the painting and the viewer, a certain tension exudes from these figures, perhaps from their static yet engaging postures, their life-like yet fantastical appearances. Hopkins Hall emphasizes the tension with her use of negative space with the purpose to separate, push apart, or to off balance.

Born in Geneva in 1979, Charlotte Hopkins Hall obtained her BA in Fine Arts at the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Genève in 2004 before moving to London where she still lives. After being shortlisted for the Swiss Art Awards, she went on to show internationally in solo and group exhibitions, as well being ask to curate projects. Eleven of her pieces are part of Fortis Bank’s private collection and are on display in their headquarters in Frankfurt.